How to block whatsapp group

 Many WhatsApp users have also received some strangers forcing you into some groups (mainly advertisements). Since WhatsApp uses the phone number as the account number, the other party can join the group as long as they have your phone number. Some computer programs even randomly add a large number of WhatsApp users to add groups.

In order to block this situation, WhatsApp finally launched the “anti-be-added group” function. Users only need to go to the settings of WhatsApp and select privacy. There is a new “group” option. The user can choose who can add you to the group. They are “anyone”, “people in the address book” or “no one” “. Users only need to “people in the address book” to prevent strangers from pulling you into the group at will.

If no one in your address book wants to add you to the group, the other party must first send you a message with an invitation link, and the user can decide whether to join or not within 72 hours. Now WhatsApp has begun to open this function to users in batches, and it is expected to be available to users worldwide in a few weeks.

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