How to charge laptop without charger

The charging from the laptop is lost or damaged and there is no way to buy a new one, but do you need to recharge the device right now? The problem can be solved in 6 different ways! The article describes real methods of how you can charge a laptop ( AsusLenovo, etc. brands) without charging, and recommendations are given on how to not do this.

How to charge a laptop without a charger

You cannot do without additional devices. You will have to buy or borrow accessories from friends / acquaintances that will help solve the problem of recharging your laptop without “native” charging. Some will help out even in the absence of access to electricity.

USB 3.1

The Type-C connector, unlike other usbs ports, provides the transfer of current with a power of up to 100 W in both directions: from and to a charged gadget. This is enough to replenish the energy reserves of a laptop computer (PC). 

Important : For the method to work, the laptop must have a Type-C connector. The information is indicated in the technical data sheet of the vehicle. 

Instructions on how to charge a laptop (for example, Helios 300 PH315-51 ) without native charging via a USB 3.1 connector:

  1. Get a power supply unit that supports the connection of a USB adapter.
  2. Connect one end of the cord to the power adapter and the other to the correct connector on the laptop.
  3. Connect the power supply to the el. networks.  

Thanks to this method, the battery of a portable device can be powered both from a computer and from a power bank.

Car cigarette lighter

A topical advice for car owners on how to charge a laptop without a branded charger is to use a special charger adapter. In this case, the device is powered from the cigarette lighter installed in the car. 

Included with the auto charger there are usually several replacement attachments for different types of laptop power connectors. It remains to pick up the plug-attachment, connect the wire from the adapter to the portable device and install the cigarette lighter in the right place on the car.

Charger from another laptop

You will need an adapter and cable from a different model of the same brand / different manufacturers. In this case, the following is taken into account:

  • type of connector for the laptop;
  • power – differs in different devices, for example, Mac 13 “needs a charge of 61 W, but Apple gadgets 15” – 87 W.

Important : Charging at low power will not power a laptop with more watts.

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The characteristics of the device for charging from another device are indicated on the power supply or in the instructions for the technician. 

Power generator

Instructions on how to charge a laptop without a charger through an electric power generator:

  1. Get an electric generator (power not less than 30 watts).
  2. Connect it to the laptop’s charging connector through a special adapter (can be supplied in the kit).
  3. Provide the generator with access to a power source (converts mechanical, chemical or thermal energy into electrical energy).
  4. Wait a couple of minutes for charging to start.

The principle of operation is almost identical with a standard power bank

Solar battery

It will help out if there is only the sun from all laptop power sources. For example, when going out into the countryside, where there is no access to the outlet. 

There is nowhere easier to use a solar battery – connect it via a cable to the laptop’s charging socket.

Nuance : During such a recharge, it is better not to turn on the gadget, because the power of the solar battery is not enough to power the operation and charge the portable device.

Since the energy here comes from the sun, it is important to have good clear weather, otherwise the battery efficiency will be low.

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The Apple and Intel development interface is used to connect external gadgets to the computer. It quickly transmits sound, data, or electricity in any direction. 

The Thunderbolt method will work under several conditions: 

  • this connector is available for both gadgets: a discharged one and one that is used to recharge energy (another laptop, PC, monitor);
  • there is a suitable cable for connecting 2 devices;
  • the power of the gadget acting as a power source must be greater than that of a laptop that needs to be recharged.

If all the conditions are met, it remains only to connect 2 devices using a cable and Thunderbolt connectors. 

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What not to do when charging your laptop

Reminder for owners of portable gadgets:

How to fail to charge
How not to charge
1.Using USB 2.0. or 3.0., so here it is possible to transfer energy only to the output and not enough bandwidth to power the laptop.  1.Using a power adapter from another laptop with a higher capacity. This can lead to overheating or damage to the device.
2. Using a power supply unit with a power and voltage lower than that of the native charging of a portable gadget. 2. Using homemade chargers – the slightest miscalculations in the circuit can lead to damage to the laptop.
3. Without using any additional accessories (generator, “someone else’s” charging, solar battery, etc.). 3. Charging the battery separately from the laptop or using a direct connection is a dangerous activity, which can also lead to damage.

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