How to increase c drive space in windows 7

It so happened that when working at a computer, the user is accustomed to having a divided hard disk into two partitions D: / and C: /. Where the folder with the system is stored on one, and various media files are stored on the other, such as photos, music, films, etc. But, sooner or later, everyone who works on the Windows operating system probably faced such a situation when it was necessary to increase the size of the C drive at the expense of the D drive, due to lack of free space.

As a rule, this disk fills up due to the fact that various programs and games are installed in excess on the computer. Also, this space fills up at an incredible rate if the user only saves all possible files to the desktop. Another reason for filling up free space is temporary files from the Internet and viruses. As a result, due to lack of space on the system partition, you cannot download anything from the Internet and you cannot even run more than one program.

A few suggestions below you will find detailed instructions on how you can increase the C drive using various methods, ranging from third-party software to the LiveCD, which, I think, many already know about from previous articlesOf course, we will by no means forget to consider increasing the size of the C drive using a standard Windows utility called Disk Management.

Before we get down to work, I would like to point out some nuances.

  • We will be increasing the size of the C drive at the expense of the D drive. Therefore, make sure that you have enough free space on the local drive D: /;
  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to increase the space on the C drive using a standard disk management program without losing data, so be extremely careful that you do not have to restore all files manually later;
  • All the tips that I will describe below apply to absolutely all major operating systems, Windows family ( 7/8/10 );

So we free up disk space from which we will bite off a piece and proceed to the practical part of the instruction on how to increase the C drive at the expense of D.

Increasing Disk Space With Aomei Partition Assistant

First, we will use the Aomei Partition Assistant program, which is distributed free of charge and will help us increase the size of the C drive, directly from the Windows working environment. But, before using it, of course, you need to download and install it on your computer. There is nothing to explain, I think you can handle it with a bang.

After starting the program, its interface should open in front of you, with various windows in which complete information about the hard disk and about all the partitions into which it is divided will be displayed.

Since we came here in order to increase the size of the C drive, taking the free space from D, we perform the following steps in order.

We go down to the graphical display of partitions, where we find the D drive and right-click on it, calling the additional menu, and select “Resize Partition“;

We change the size of the D: / disk using either the mouse and control points on both sides, or we specify all the sizes manually using the corresponding fields located just below. The main thing here is that you do not indicate the size of the cropped area larger than it actually is and that the cropped area is displayed on the left side, as shown in my picture. We confirm all done actions by clicking “OK“.

Select the C: / drive, do everything too, only now, using the slider, increase the size of the C: / drive at the expense of free space, which will be displayed on the right side. As before, press ” OK ” to confirm .

To complete the process, on the taskbar of the program, click the ” Apply ” button , so that the program starts resizing your partitions.

If you simply resize the disks without hitting the apply button at the end, you will not get the expected result. After completion, the computer will reboot several times and you will receive the additional space on the system disk that you specified earlier.

Increase the space on the system disk using Disk Director

The next option is also not bad, but it is not entirely convenient, in that to implement it we will have to burn a Live CD and then boot from it.

Perhaps you ask, if it is so difficult why am I showing it? Hmm, there are actually a lot of reasons, for example, you need to increase the size of the C drive at the expense of the D drive, but when using various programs, a message constantly appears that the system cannot lock the drive to complete the operation. So, in such cases, LiveCD with the Disk Director program can help us out.

In the loaded LiveCD, we find the Disk Director icon on the desktop and launch the program. An interface will appear that is very similar to the working environment of the program we have considered just above.

To increase the size of the C drive, perform the following actions:

In the top panel, click on the icon Expanding free spacethat will launch a window to increase free disk space;In the dialog box that appears, select the partition to which we want to add free space and click ” Next “;

In the next step, we will be required to select a partition due to which we will add free space

Further, the wizard for increasing free space will ask you to specify the size of the expandable partition using the slider, in our case it is drive C. Having moved the slider as you need, click ” Next ” to continue;

Before starting the process, the program will definitely show you the structure of the newly created sections and ask you to click the ” Finish ” button ;

Now, to apply all the changes, click on the checkbox Checkbox;

A list of activities that have been scheduled appears. After reviewing them, click on ” Proceed ” to start performing all processes to increase the size of the C drive;

The conversion will take several minutes, although the procedure itself may take even an hour depending on the size of the hard disk;

After the program finishes, we restart the computer and check whether Disk Director has coped with its task;

Maybe this method is not the most convenient due to the fact that you need to create a new disk, but it is not effective for me than others, and will always help out in situations where programs from the operating environment of the system simply cannot cope.

I always recommend to everyone to burn such discs as they are very useful, for example, this LiveCD will easily help you recover your password or even delete it, check your hard drive and many other goodies.

Increasing Disk C Space Using Disk Management

And finally, as I promised, let’s see how you can increase drive C with drive D using your own Windows resources. Those who decided to use this method, I hope you have not forgotten that it has one rather serious drawback in that when the partition increases, your personal data will be deleted from the “D” driveTherefore, I recommend using this option only on new machines and on clean hard drives.

If you still intend to use this particular method, then we call the ” Run ” window by pressing ” Windows + R ” and there we execute the command diskmgmt.msc.

A window of the utility we need will open, in which all drives that are connected to the computer will be displayed. In the same place, you will see separately your partitions C and D, and several hidden boot sectors, by the way, which I recommend not to touch in any way, so that you do not have to restore the system later.

Now, having selected the section with the letter D, right-click on it and click, “Delete volume“. Performing this action will delete both the disk itself and all the data stored on it, therefore, do not forget to save them somewhere else, for example, on a USB flash drive.

In the next step, go to drive C and call the context menu in the same way, but this time select ” Expand volume … “.A window will appear where you will need to specify the size of the added free space. Immediately, all the space that we freed up by removing the D drive will be displayed, but as we do not want to take everything, but only a small part, we indicate the number we need, for example 4000MB.

By increasing the size of the C disk at the expense of D, we return our donor back to its normal form. To do this, right-click on the unallocated space and select the first line ” Create a simple volume ” and then follow the instructions to perform the actions that the utility will recommend. It will be formatted and assigned a volume letter, after which you can use it as before.

In this article, I did not try to show you different programs that do the same thing, here I wanted to tell you about three ways that can help you in completely different situations. For example, you can use the first option during normal operation of the system, the second in case of some kind of breakdown, and the third, in the case of a new computer, you will not have to download anything, but you can quickly do everything using Disk Management, spending only 5 minutes.

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