How to print multiple pdf files at once?

We have implemented a convenient tool for printing many documents without having to open each file manually. This program is called Print Conductor.

You no longer have to waste your time on routine and tedious tasks – the program will do it for you. Just add PDF files or any other office documents (DOC, XLS, JPEG, HTML, EML, TXT and many others) to the list in the main program window and start printing – all files will be printed effortlessly.

Print Conductor works on any modern computer, is compatible with the latest Windows versions and supports all types of printers – regular and virtual.

Print PDF documents in real time

Our FolderMill software makes it easy to print PDF and office documents right from your folder. It is enough to set a “hot folder” – on a separate computer or a shared folder on the network. It will contain documents for printing from you or your colleagues. The program will track these documents by itself and perform the assigned tasks: printing, converting, renaming, adding a watermark, filtering, copying or other operations prescribed in a special script. All this happens in real time, and finished files can be immediately taken from the printer tray or other (“output”) folder.

For example, your accountant can send all invoices and reports in PDF (or any other format) at once to a hot folder and in a few minutes get all printed copies from any of the printers available to him.

FolderMill can also convert incoming files. Suppose employees from different offices are working on a joint project. Each department can work in its own way and in a file format convenient for them. When generating the final report, layout or presentation, all employees within the corporate network will be able to send their files to the FolderMill “hot folder”, and the program will convert all incoming files into a single established format for the task coordinator.

Automatically print documents using the command line

For system administrators, we have developed the 2Printer programThis is another handy utility for automatic printing of PDF and other office documents. Feature of the program is that it allows you to optimize the printing of your documents through the command line interface.

Another feature is that 2Printer can be programmed to run at specific times using the Windows Task Scheduler. This allows you to work efficiently in tight time frames or, for example, save companies on energy bills by running 2Printer at night. The program will be able to prepare in the evening or at night all the necessary printouts for a work meeting the next day.

For maximum optimization of your document flow in the enterprise, we recommend using all of the listed programs, and they will complement each other. Leverage the power of FolderMill, Print Conductor and 2Printer to reduce costs and increase your business productivity!

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