How to recover unsaved word document 2007

Sometimes Word automatically closes because there is no time to save the document. For this, the unsaved document will be lost. Unless we set up the “auto save” function. Today, the editor will share with you a method of setting Word automatic save, so as to avoid the loss of document loss when the Word program is automatically closed due to illegal operations and other reasons.

Ways to recover unsaved documents in Word 2007

Word 2007 restore unsaved documents Step 1 Open Word, click “office button” → “Word options”.

Recover unsaved documents in Word 2007 Step 2 In the opened “Word Options” window, switch to the “Save” tab, and then check the “Save auto-recovery information time interval”, and then set a suitable save time, such as “3 “minute.

Word 2007 restore unsaved documents Step 3 Then click the “Browse” button to the right of “Automatically restored file location”, and select an easy-to-find folder as the recovery directory when Word is closed abnormally. The settings are complete, click the “OK” button.

Word 2007 restores unsaved documents Step 4 In order to verify whether the auto-save document is successfully turned on, we need to do the following:

Word 2007 restore unsaved document Step 5 First edit the content of the document, and then save the document for the first time.

Word 2007 restores the unsaved document step 6 and then enter a part of the content, but this time no longer save, but wait for the specified time interval, the time period is determined by the “automatic save recovery time”. After the time exceeds the specified time interval, directly close the document and choose not to save it.

Word 2007 restores unsaved documents Step 7 After waiting for more than 3 minutes, we check the “Automatically restored file directory”, and we will find a document with a similar name to the previously unsaved document with the suffix “.asd” [” Automatic recovery “Save test document.asd”]. This document will be used to save the document when the Word program exits under abnormal circumstances.

Word 2007 restores unsaved documents from step 8 to this point, the “automatically save documents” function is set.

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How to recover unsaved excel files

Restoring unsaved files Step 1: To restore unsaved Excel documents, the first thing to do is to turn on the Excel auto-save document function and set the time interval for saving documents to be smaller, so as to maximize the avoidance of document content loss. Specific operation method: Click the “Office Button” and select “Excel Options” from its extended menu.

Recover unsaved files Step 2: In the opened “Excel Options” window, switch to the “Save” tab, check the “Save automatic recovery information time interval” item, and set the time interval at the same time, in this editor, set it to “3 Minutes”, you can set it according to the actual situation.

Restoring unsaved files Step 3: Set “Automatically restore document location”. It is recommended to use a custom location to facilitate timely restoration of files due to illegal operations or power failure. Click the “Browse” button to locate the custom location. Click “OK” to complete the setting.

Recovering unsaved files Step 4: When editing the document in the future, you must make sure to save it at least once, because the name of the document can be determined through the first save, which lays a solid foundation for the recovery operation of the Excel document.

Step 5 of restoring unsaved files: Finally, let’s test it out: create a new Excel document, enter part of the content, and click “Save” or “Save As” to save the document.

Step 6 of restoring unsaved files: Next, we enter some more content and wait for the minimum time set by the “Time Interval”, that is, wait for more than 3 minutes.

Step 7 of restoring unsaved files: Then we exit by simulating a power failure or illegal operation of the program: right-click the taskbar and select “Enable Task Manager”.

Restoring unsaved files Step 8: In the opened “Windows Task Manager” window, switch to the “Applications” tab, select the currently edited Excel document normally, and click the “End of Task” button.

Step 9 of restoring unsaved files: Then we open the previously saved document again, the “Document Recovery” window will automatically pop up, click on the document to be restored, and you will find that the lost content has been recovered.

Step 10 of restoring unsaved files: Of course, we can also restore unsaved documents in the “Excel file auto-recovery” directory set before. Find the document you want to restore and open it directly with the Excel program.

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