How to Remove Header and Footer in Word

Method 1

Open the Word 2007 or 2010 document. Use the scroll bar to navigate to the page that contains the header.

Click on View and then select Print Layout. Now you can see the header.
Click Insert and then Header and Footer. Click Remove Header. Repeat the procedure to remove each one if you want to remove multiple headers.

Method 2

To do this first we go to the upper part of the text and make a double right clip with the mouse. That area will be highlighted, indicating that we can now make edits to the headerNow I start to select each of the elements that are present in this area of ​​the document.

To delete each element, you just have to select it with the mouse pointer, make a clip and some small boxes will appear. This will indicate that we can modify it as we want, either stretch it, enlarge it, etc. In our case we are going to eliminate it, for this we only press the Delete key.

In this way, we are eliminating each of the elements, until this area of ​​the document is blank. Now we go to the footer and we are going to perform the same steps that we did with the header. We select this lower part, then we double right clip with the mouse and begin to erase all the elements that are present here.

Remember that to delete it you must point it out, it will be highlighted and you must press the  Delete key. Once all this is done, we only have to leave this area and make a clip anywhere in the document or you can go to the upper right.

In this area, the Tools tab for headers and footers has automatically appeared and we make a clip on close header and footer.

Method 3

This step is much easier than the previous one, we go back to the previous document that contains the header and footer that we want to remove.

We go to the top of the document and double right clip and the Tools menu for headers and footers will appear.

We enter this menu and go to the left side, in the Headers tab, we look down and select the option to remove headers by making a clip. If you notice, the entire header has already been removed at once and that area has been cleaned of texts and images that we do not want in our document.

Similarly, we go to the upper left where the Design menu is and now we select the Footer tab When making a clip another menu will appear and we select the option Remove footer by making a clip. This area has already been cleaned of any element that we did not want to keep in our document.

Now, our document is free of those elements that we did not want for any reason to keep and it has been to our liking. If you have noticed, it has been very easy to apply these short and simple tricks to your document to remove the header and footer in Word easily and quickly.

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