How to remove page number in word

According to the rules for the design of various works (diploma, coursework …) page numbers must be on all pages of the document, except for the title. Therefore, the question very often arises: how to remove the page number from the title page.

For myself, I found two ways to solve this problem.

Method one

You are ready to work with the title page. The pages in the work are already numbered. If you do not know how to do this, read the article  “How to Number Pages”Everything is described in detail in it.

Go to the “Page Layout” tab Find the “Page Settings” block In this block, left-click on the small arrow located in the lower right corner.

Will  cover “Page Setup”  with multiple tabs. Click on  the Layout tab.

The tab will open. Find the words  “Distinguish headers  and footers” and left-click next to the words  “first page” . These words will be marked with a green check mark. Click  OK.  The number from the first, title page will disappear.

Method two

You have a finished job. Do not create  a title page in it! Let it be only the text itself with a list of references and other necessary things.

Create a new document ( “How to create a new document” ) and arrange the title page in this new document. That is, there is no need to remove any page number from the title page, since the work itself and the title page will be different documents.

Here you only have to correct the pagination in the main work.

Open your work. Go to the  “Insert” tab  and find the “Headers and Footers” block on it.

In  the “Headers and footers” block,  click on the words  “Page number” with the left mouse button. A small menu will appear. Find the words “Page Number Format” in this menu   Click on them.

Will  cover “Page Number Format.”  In this panel, find the “Page Numbering” section   and click on the words “start with”.  In the box next to the words  “start with”  put  “2”,  since the title page will be considered the first, and the first sheet of the work – the second. Click  OK.  The page numbering in work will start from “2”.

You can use it in any way. Choose which one is more convenient for you. Hope the above article is informative. To get more tutorials like this please visit us on our official web page.

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