How to remove text from image in photoshop?

Even such a powerful tool as Photoshop does not always allow you to remove the inscription on complex images. Watermarks are often applied in a way that makes removal as difficult as possible.

To remove text from an image without damaging the background, you first need to analyze the image. 

It is even worse when the inscription is an integral part of the background or organically intertwined with it. It may be impossible to remove text without touching the background in the latter case. Thus, the problem of how to remove text from a picture in Photoshop without damaging the background can have several solutions depending on the level of complexity.

The sequence of actions to remove text from a photo in simple cases is as follows:

  1. Open image.
  2. Select Lasso from the list of tools and select the text that you want to delete.
  3. After selection, the text to be deleted should be highlighted with a dotted line.
  4. Right-click on the selected object and select the “Fill” command in the drop-down menu. Select Aware Fill value – taking into account the contents *.
  5. If the background is uniform, then content-aware fill is often sufficient to remove any text.

The question of how to remove text from a picture in Photoshop without damaging the background in cases where it is heterogeneous is somewhat more complicated. For these purposes, a healing brush is suitable, in the English version of the program it is called the Clone Stamp Tool.

  1. You must select the Healing Brush from the Toolbox. Next, set the size of the brush in accordance with the thickness of the deleted symbols. The best option when the thickness of the brush is the same as the line width in letters. In the brush settings, select the “Content-based” option.
  2. Using the Healing Brush, select the borders of the caption of each character (using the left mouse button). Selected areas will be gray. If the mouse button is released, the allocated space will be filled. Thus, it is possible to delete text in small sections, one character at a time, even from a complex background.
  3. Continue similar actions until all text is removed.

* If you activate Aware Fill – taking into account the contents of the photoshop will automatically fill the deleted area, taking into account the content that is behind the selected area. In other words, now when filling, Photoshop will automatically fill the required area of ​​the image with the texture that is behind the selected object.

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