How to rotate text in word

Microsoft Office is an office application that is used by almost the entire world. Although at the moment, there are many different free alternative programs ( OpenOffice, LibreOffice ), all the same, most consumers opt for a Microsoft product.

As you know, it is used for various purposes, for example, in offices, it serves to create and edit documents, at home, for students to write essays, diplomas, term papers. Even now, I type this article in the Word.

So, what am I saying all this, before writing this instruction, a friend of mine asked me to help turn the text into a vertical position using Microsoft Word. Of course, I helped him with this, and immediately decided that it would be nice to write a similar instruction for you, so that at any time you could also cope with this task without any problems.

Therefore, let’s take a look at how you can flip text in Word and Excel.

Flip text vertically in Microsoft Word

I want to say right away that the text that is printed just on the page cannot be turned over, but only the one that was typed in the form of an insert or if it is in the table, in general, now you will see everything for yourself.

The first way is to type the text we need in the form of an insert and turn it over there. To do this, we go to the top menu, where we go to the ” Insert ” section There we should use the ” Text Box “ tool In Office 2007-2010, this is ” Text Box “ ).

If you do not find one in yourself, then we follow an alternative path by clicking on ” Shapes “, in the list that appears, in the section ” Basic Shapes “, we find the ” Inscription ” icon and click on it with the left mouse button. Below you can clearly see where it is.

After you click on the tool, a cross should appear instead of the usual cursor, with which we will need to indicate the working area of ​​the inserted text. Now, having indicated the desired size of the area, we puff there a word or a sentence that will be reversed.

Next, go to the ” Format ” tab , where we find ” Text Direction ” in the toolbar By clicking on this button, you can turn over any text in the Word, as you need it.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not the only way you can flip text, word or applications in Word. Also, this can be done with the text that is in the table.

To do this, first of all, create a table by clicking on the corresponding button in the top menu, and select the required number of cells. In order to turn the text of the table from one word, one cell is enough for me.

Then, we enter the word of interest to us and go to the main menu, to the tab ” Working with tables ” – ” Layout “. There you will see the same button as in the previous example ” Text Direction “, which will help you to turn the text in the Word, the way you need it.

I want to note that you can only change the orientation of the text in three positions, in the horizontal view, rotation by ninety degrees and rotation by two hundred and seventy degrees. If you need to turn the text upside down in Word, then you cannot do this in this way, unless you can try to use the example that I will describe later.

How to flip text in Excel

So, let’s look at how you can do the same, namely, flip the text in Microsoft Excel. For example, we have a table with a large number of columns and limited sheet size, as a result, after the name of each cell, the text looks unreadable. Therefore, in order to make it easier to perceive the text, a decision is made to turn the text over ninety degrees and thus set it vertically.

To do this, select all the necessary cells and by pressing the right button we call the context menu, where we select ” Format cells “.

In the cell format window, go to the ” Alignment ” tab , where using the slider we set the text orientation we need. For a porous vertical display, select ninety degrees and click OK.

The result of the actions performed should be something like this:

Flip text upside down

Rarely, but sometimes there are situations that the text in the document needs to be turned upside down. Unfortunately, in such a simple way, as I showed earlier, the text cannot be rotated. Therefore, you can use the following method:

Insert the ” Text Box ” as in the previous examples and enter the text there;

Now, using the swirling arrow, turn the text over to the position we need;

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Further, for a more normal look, delete the outline around the text by right – clicking on it and in the Shape Outline tool select the ” No Outline ” option. 

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This way we only have the text upside down;

Upside down text in MS Excel - CodeProject

This method can be used both: in Word and in Excel;

But, its disadvantage is that you have to suffer a little to ensure that the inserted text fits seamlessly into the overall look of your document.

For Excel, you can consider another, not the best, but still option, is to rotate text in Excel using the ” Camera ” toolInitially this tool was not added to the toolbar, so now we will add it manually. To do this, perform the following steps in order:

How to add and use camera tool in Excel?

Click ” File “; then Click on ” Parameters “

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Click on” Ribbon settings “; then on the ” Home “ tab

On the left side, in the command selection field, set ” Commands not on the ribbon “;

Now, having found the ” Camera ” tool in the left column , select it and click ” Add “;

And we save the settings by clicking on ” OK “;

Going to the ” Home ” tab, the camera tool should appear at the very end of it.
Now let’s move on to flipping the test. To do this, having selected our cell, click on ” Camera “, our cell will be fixed and will be outlined in italics.

Now, in order to insert it, simply select any place you like and insert it there by pressing the left bear key. Next, again using the green dot, we set the position we need for our inverted text.

Here, in principle, there is nothing complicated, and if you try, you can do anything and rotate the Word text so that someone does not even know that it was simply inserted into this document. But anyway, as always, I’m in touch, so if you need help, leave your comments and you will definitely get an answer from me.

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