How to see whatsapp status without knowing them

Since you quarreled with your friend, you did not want to control his social activities. Previously, you did it daily, but until now, in order not to attach too much importance to it, you refused it. Recently, however, he seems to have been posting a few photos, especially in WhatsApp Stories. You know that if you look at them as published, your name will appear in the list of views. You would like to find a way to spy on the WhatsApp state so that you can watch the content it publishes without letting them know. Not knowing how to proceed, you relied on the Internet. And that’s how you ended up in this tutorial.

In the next steps, I’ll explain what you need to do to watch WA states incognito using iPhone, Android, or WhatsApp Web. This way, you don’t stop spying on conversations and bills in general. On the other hand, you will not appear multiple times in the lists of people viewing your WhatsApp profile and therefore will not raise suspicions. Therefore, no one would think of hiding states from you or blocking you. Let’s see what needs to be done with this.

How to spy on WhatsApp status

The first thing you need to know when wondering how to spy on WhatsApp status is that there are several ways to do it. Some of these involve the use of third party applications. Others require jailbreak or jailbreak. However, I want to point out that you can do everything simply by taking advantage of the privacy features of the app.

In addition to what has just been said, we must be aware of the fact that someone might include you on their privacy blacklist so as not to force you to receive states that send them to contacts. It can also remove your phone number from your address book so you never see it again. If so, then you should use another trick to continue watching them. See the following sections for more details.

How WhatsApp app status displays work

Before I understand how you can secretly look at stories, I want to briefly explain how the WhatsApp view works. Basically, states are automatically accepted by contacts. They appear in the status section and are removed from the application system every other day and automatically (or even when removed by the person who shared them).

When they are available for display, the published content appears in the Status list. Just touch the username to start playback. After the content is played, be it a photo, video, GIF, or text with only colored text, the screen counts. Although you look at it several times, the number of views will remain the same. However, you can always end up at the top of the list depending on the display time.

However, it should be noted that opinions can be easily deceived. While WhatsApp does accurate tracking, which takes into account even partial replays (those that don’t last from start to finish), you may be invisible in the view list. Read on to find out how to do this.

Browse WhatsApp states secretly

There are several options that allow you to spy on WhatsApp statusTo remain invisible and anonymous, you can use the app settings if you are using iOS or Android. Plus, only on Android you can use free undercover viewing apps on multiple criteria. Below you will find all the details.


It may seem impossible to you, but all you have to do to spy on WhatsApp status is remove the blue check before playing it. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, reading the confirmations has always eliminated the double blue tick. Thanks to them, others cannot know if you have read the message (in single chat). With the emergence of new WhatsApp states, you can also use them for hidden viewing.

Don’t you believe it? Then try it yourself: first go to the Settings> Account> Privacy and disable read Confirmations optionSo, go back to the ” State” section and tap the story to view it. This can be done from iPhone or Android, as well as from a computer via WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop (first turn off the blue checkmark, then connect from a computer to see hidden states).

After playing the plot, ask your friend if the meter with the eye symbol has increasedAlso, tell them to check that your profile is not listed. You will understand that what I said was true.

Now that you’ve figured out how to see WhatsApp states, don’t forget to activate the blue recheck . You have to play with this setting so as not to arouse suspicion. Otherwise, when you are chatting, your friends may suspect you by not seeing the blue double tick next to the messages light up. If you want to remember to turn blue double check on and off at the right time, use one of the incognito spy apps (see below).


The free app for you to spy on WhatsApp State from your Android smartphone is definitely GBWhatsAppYou can find it in unofficial sources on the Internet as APK files. This application simulates WhatsApp chat and provides additional features. Exactly, it’s a kind of WhatsApp Plus.

Once installed and configured as recommended, you can easily view contact statuses anonymously. Just activate the Hide viewing status option that appears in your privacy settings.

The clear difference from the above option is that there is no need to turn on and off read confirmations every time. There is a filter (hidden viewing mode) that allows you to activate incognito mode for scenes only.

However, it is also true that this may not be practical for this purpose alone. In fact, using GBWhatsApp is a bit risky, but not because the app is insecure (even if you don’t know what type of encryption applies to chats). Yes, because WhatsApp may decide to temporarily suspend your account.


If you don’t want to risk it and prefer not to turn off the blue double tick, you can look at the statuses from the phone’s archiveOn Android, with an advanced and free file explorer like ES File Explorer, you can go to internal storage and select a path WhatsApp > Media. In this section, tap Statuses to access the contact content automatically downloaded by the phone.

As you may have guessed, this way you can spy on the WhatsApp status. In fact, opening them from the archive will not show your profile name in the list of views.

If you don’t see all the statuses, try connecting to Wifi and return to the Status section of the app. Make sure all status update previews are loaded correctly. Learn more about how to see WhatsApp states without being noticed.


You can also turn off the internet to spy on WhatsApp status. Turning off Wifi and mobile connection from a PC or smartphone, you may be out of the visibility of the status. The trick, however, will have a “short life”. In fact, once you reconnect, it is very likely that the system will realize that you looked at the state and then marked your name in the list of views accordingly.

In addition, it should be noted that in order to view statuses without an Internet connection, you must first go to the “Status” section so that they can be downloaded. Only then can they be played offline. I mean, as you might have guessed, this is not the best solution.

View blocked or hidden states of WhatsApp

All of the WhatsApp status spying methods I described above have one thing in common: they can be easily interrupted by hiding statuses. If a contact notices that you are spying on them across the states, they can block you or make that content invisible to you. Since there is no storyline like Instagram that allows you to see stories without an account, it is almost impossible to find state-published content on WhatsApp if you don’t get it.

The privacy of WhatsApp status is most effective: it is set to My Contacts by defaultIn addition, you can filter contacts in your address book by name, allowing you to choose who to show them to and who not. And if you are blacklisted, there is nothing you can do. No, even if you change your phone number. Learn more about who sees WhatsApp states.

If you really wanted to see the hidden states of WhatsApp, you should talk to this person. Alternatively, you must arrange with a mutual friend to show it to you on your phone. There is no other solution at the moment.

Save WhatsApp states to phone or PC

After you’ve figured out how to spy on WhatsApp status, you might wonder how you can save other people’s WA stories using your smartphone or computer. Well, once you remove your name from the watchlist, you have full access to that person’s content anonymously. At this stage, you can take screenshots of your mobile phone or PC for taking photos. Alternatively, you can record your screen using a free movie recording program or app.

Alternatively, if you are using Android, you can use ES File ExplorerFollow the path and Internal storage> WhatsApp> Media and select WhatsApp Statuses. Then copy and paste these media files to a different location by moving them to a different folder. In this case, the application system will delete after 24 hours only those states that are present in the WhatsApp Status folder. Copies saved elsewhere will remain viewable.

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