How to update ms office 2007

On October 10, Microsoft stopped updating Office 2007. You probably have not realized this fact, but you should know that if you have this version you will stop receiving the latest improvements offered by this Office package launched by the giant of Redmond a decade ago.

If you have Office 2007, in addition to this, you will not have security updates, which is a danger for your company. You will also not be able to count on technical support (neither by phone nor by chat) and you will no longer have updates regarding the help content.

Office 365 is the solution

We recommend that you go to Office 365 and enjoy all its advantages. Office in the cloud allows you to be informed at any time and from any device and, as it is a Microsoft supported product, you will have regular updates.

We propose collaboration, connection and control with cloud technologyOffice 365 will allow you to be up to date with everything that happens in your company, always with the confidence and security that Microsoft provides.

Your software always up to date

Having unsupported technology can lead to significant business problems. We already told you about it in a post in which we mentioned the benefits of having the Microsoft Dynamics NAV BREP updated, and exactly the same thing happens with the Office solution.

Among the advantages of being supported: more security, new functions and fewer stability problems. Without a doubt, Microsoft Office is one of the best known and most used software packages. Are you going to stick with outdated software? Go to Office 365 and get on the cloud.

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