How to write vertically in word?

Sometimes in Word you need to make vertical text, but this is not as easy as in Excel, which has the “Format Cells” function and can change the text orientation 360 degrees. To figure out how to make vertical text in Word, you need to consider the capabilities of the Word program using tables or labels.

Creating vertical text in Word using tables

The first method for creating vertical text using tables is more preferable and generally accepted. This method allows you to arrange text in table cells, both horizontally and vertically.

We create a table, if you have questions about how to do this, see the previous article: “How to make a table in Word”. We will use the ready-made matrix of the table – go to the INSERT tab and press the Table buttonWe enter the data into the created table, then select the first row, after which WORK WITH TABLES will appear in the menu, go to the Layout and press the Text Direction.

There is also another way. Select any row in the table, right-click and select Text Direction … , then a dialog box will appear in which you can specify the orientation of the text in the cells.

Result of changing from horizontal to vertical direction of the text of the first row of the table.

Creating vertical text in the Word using labels

The second way to arrange vertical text in the Word can be organized with the help of an inscription. This method is less popular, but it has its advantage – the settings are applied as to an object and, accordingly, can be placed anywhere on the document page. To add a caption, go to the INSERT tab, click on the Text field button and select Simple caption . The added text box appears in the document, the text of which must be flipped to a vertical position. To do this, click on the border of the label twice and select the DRAWING TOOLS tab, then the Text Direction button.

After reading the article on how to make vertical text in Word , you can independently use two methods and change the orientation of the text to a vertical position when you need it.

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