Pen drive not showing data

Due to the infection some Trojan, malware or virus the files that are in a USB flash memory can disappear without leaving a trace, instead of it “shortcuts” appear with the names of the files that “existed” in said memory. In most cases our files are hidden and we can easily recover them.

Here’s what to do to fix the problem:

  1. Go to system symbol, typing cmd in run on the start bar, we can also find the access through Start / All Programs / Accessories.
  2. Enter the Pendrive drive by typing » cd < space> F: G: H:, etc.
  3. Type ATTRIB / d / s -r -h -s *. * Then press <Enter> .
  4. Open MY PC and explore the USB memory, there we will find all the “original” files as well as the “shortcuts”.
  5. We select the “shortcuts” and delete them.
  6. Do not forget to run a good updated antivirus on the usb memory.
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