How many keystrokes are needed to type numbers from 1 to 1000



9 digits


There are 90 2-digit numbers

(90)(2) = 180 digits


There are 900 3-digit numbers

(900)(3) = 2700 digits


4 digits

9 + 180 + 2700 + 4 = 2893


The keyboard is the most important input device of a computer. With its help, we enter text and numeric data as input into the computer. It is similar to a typewriter. Because all the letters on the keyboard are in the same order as a typewriter, it has more buttons than a typewriter.

In this, words, numbers and different types of symbols can be typed by pressing keys. A special port (Port) is created to connect the keyboard to the computer, which is called a PS / 2 port, but nowadays USB keyboards come, which are plugged into the USB port of the computer.

And there are also wireless keyboards that do not need to be connected to the system. Word processing and Spreadsheet software require the use of a keyboard. Necessary instructions can also be given to the computer with the help of keyboard.

The keyboard can be used instead of a mouse even if the mouse is damaged. We use a 104 button ”QWERTY” keyboard with our personal computer.

The keyboards used with the Microsoft Windows operating system also have some special buttons. The keyboard is connected to the motherboard via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) and PS / 2 (Personal System / 2) port on the back of the computer CPU cabinet.

As we read above, the keyboard is an important input device. Which is used to insert letters, numbers and different types of symbols into a computer. In addition, the user uses an input device such as an keyboard and mouse to operate the computer.

The keyboard used in a computer looks similar to a typewriter. To the right of the keyboard is a number keypad. Like the ten ‘Keys’ calculator, this number keypad has ‘Keys’ arranged, which helps the user to enter the number faster.

The keyboard we use in a computer is called a QWERTY keyboard. The reason the keyboard is named QWERTY is the six letters at the beginning of the alphabets line at the bottom left of the line with numbers on the keyboard. Therefore it is also known as Universal Keyboard.

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