How To Add a Subscript in Google Docs

There are 2 simple way to write subscripts or super superscripts in google docs. For example if you want to write like this H₂OIn this article, I will show you how to convert: In Google Docs, you will write text as subscript or superscript.  

1. Google docs Tools

  • Write H2O in simple writing way.
  • Then Select the 2.
  • Go to Toolbar and click FORMAT.
  • Then click on TEXT and then SUBSCRIPTS.

2. Combination Key

  • In H2O select the 2 (that will be the subscript).
  • Then press the CTRL with key
To remove the subscript, you just have to select the subscript element and press the CTRL with key.

Note: For Superscript same process will be followed but you have to select Superscript instead of Subscript. And these methods are applicable in Google Slides as well.

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