How To Convert Bootable Pendrive To Normal

Some friends want to restore the USB boot disk to a normal USB flash drive, but they find that formatting alone cannot completely release the space. What should I do? Don’t worry, let me show you the method below. (Here takes Win10 system as an example)

How to restore USB boot disk to normal USB

1. Insert the USB flash drive, right-click on “This computer”, select “Manage”, click to open the “Disk Management” in the “Computer Management” panel, you will see all the disks on the current computer, and find the index name of the USB flash drive.

2. Use “WIN+R” to open the running dialog box, enter cmd to open the DOS command running environment, enter diskpart, and press Enter to open the DOS command running environment of the disk.

3. Enter select disk 1 (ie select disk 1) to select your U disk, press Enter, then enter the clean command, press Enter to clear, and then you will find your U disk is already in the Disk Management Office From the original three small partitions into one large partition.

PS: According to some netizens, this step is not very friendly, because some computers may be installed with multiple hard drives, which may cause the wrong disk to be selected and the data will be cleared (sorry if the data was accidentally cleared), here is recommended Add the list disk command after the select disk command to confirm again whether the same disk we want to clear.

4. In the disk management panel, right-click the USB flash drive and select New Simple Volume to start the wizard, keep clicking “Next” until it is completed, and then you will find that your USB flash drive has returned to its original state.

PS: The file system format of the USB flash drive is divided into FAT and NTFS. If you want to convert the file system format of the USB flash drive, you can enter the “computer” again to format the USB flash drive after creating a simple volume. Select the appropriate file system format in the disk dialog box. (Note: FAT format cannot transfer files with a single file size above 4G).

The above is the method of restoring the USB boot disk to the ordinary disk. This method is not only suitable for the disk boot made by the good system disk booting, but also for the boot disk made by other software. But it should be noted that before the operation, remember to back up the important data in the disk to avoid loss.

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