How to copy a page in word

Microsoft Word is one of the most used tools when making any type of document. It is a program that is found in most computers and that allows you to perform various tasks such as writing texts, monographs, articles, reviews and others, in an orderly manner. This has a very complete toolbar when executing tasks in it, where you can choose the font format you want to use, color, number, line spacing, insert images, tables, charts, create graphic elements and more.

In the field of preparing Word files it could be the best option, either to add jobs that come from your web browser or from some other site. Beyond the aforementioned, in this you can use the actions of copying, cutting and pasting information found on the internet, keeping the destination format or the one you have established.

To do this you can use different methods, either by keyboard commands, by mouse functions or by the program’s own menu. If you want to know a little further and discover how to copy and paste text and images without losing your style, continue reading what we have prepared for you.

Steps and methods to copy, cut and paste in Word without losing formatting

  • Do you want the selected text or image to keep the same appearance it had?
  • Looking for it to take on the appearance of text adjacent to its new location?

If this is what you want, you can do it without any problem, for this you just have to apply the copy and paste functions in a special way. In this part you will see how you can do it in different ways with their respective reference about how they work.

Keep the original text appearance or change

The text that you are moving or copying can contain a different font, have bold, italics applied and it may even have images or special characters. If you wish, you can copy everything without losing the original format or modify it to your liking to fit the document you have in progress.

  • If you want to move the content , select the information you want to cut and press “CTRL + X” to move the content.
  • If you don’t want to move it, if you don’t copy the information, you must press “CTRL + C” to duplicate.
  • Later you will go to where you want to enter the text that you are moving or copying. For the information to appear, you just have to press “CTRL + V” and it will be pasted where you have selected.

  • When you paste the content, you will see that a “Paste Special” option will appearThere you can choose what type of paste you want.

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