How to Delete Multiple Contacts

Want to quickly delete all contacts from iPhone? It happens that when you delete numbers from your smartphone, they are deleted both in iCloud and on other devices. To prevent this from happening, let’s figure out how to remove multiple contacts on the iPhone at once.

Delete contacts from iPhone.

Before that, go to the phone book and click “Groups” to check which services are being synchronized, perhaps not only in iCloud.

  • After that go to iPhone settings and select “iCloud”. A page will open, which will indicate all the data that is synced to iCloud.
  • Turn off the slider next to contacts so that the data is no longer synced.

  • When you turn off sync, a pop-up window will immediately appear asking you to delete all phone numbers from the iPhone.

If you delete phone numbers, leaving iCloud turned on, then after, for example, the new owner of the smartphone can turn on synchronization again and erase the numbers. In this case, they will disappear everywhere, and you will lose them irretrievably. Also in the blog post you can learn how to get rid of duplicates. 

If you noticed that synchronization took place not only in Apple’s cloud storage, then:

  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Go to “Passwords and Accounts”.
  • Select the required service and also disconnect the cloud connection for the phone book. Phones will no longer be copied to the cloud and you can only erase them from your device.

If you are not using cloud storage, then to quickly erase the phone book:

  • Go to the App Store.
  • Search for “delete contacts” and find a suitable application.
  • After that download it and choose the numbers you want to erase. Thanks to the application, you can check the box to delete all numbers at once, and they will be erased from your smartphone. The Cleaner Pro program is good for this, you can use it or find another that you like best.

To remove multiple phones:

  • Go to the phone book, find the number you want to erase.

  • In the contact card, click “Edit” and scroll down to select “delete”. 

This way you can manually erase the names in the phonebook one by one. For bulk delete use the tips above.

In just two clicks, you can clear the phone book without fear that it will be cleaned on other devices linked to cloud storage.

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