How to delete snapchat story

How do I delete my Snapchat history? This question may arise for you, read the article and we will tell you how to delete your Snapchat history. The main feature of Snapchat is self-destructing messages. Nevertheless, knowing how to delete history in Snapchat is very important, because unexpected situations arise all the time.


Remove photo from story

If you need to remove a photo from your Snapchat story, this is the easiest way to do it. You need to go to the section, select the desired snap, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click on the basket icon.

Delete the photo sent to the addressee

If the image was not published in the Snapchat story, but was once sent to any recipient, then it can be found by swiping from top to bottom on the main camera screen. A menu will open in which you need to open the list of friends. After that, go to your profile and tap on it. All saved objects will be displayed in the list. To clear any of them, you need to select it, click on the gear and also destroy it.

How to quickly cancel a snap so that no one can see it?

Since using Snapchat is fraught with a certain excitement, getting a person interested in a photo, but at the same time making it clear that it will disappear after just a few seconds, is a very good game on the emotions of the recipient. But it happens that in the heat of the moment it is not at all what should be sent. In this case, it will not be possible to simply delete it – you just need to get rid of the entire dialogue in Snapchat.

First of all, you should pay attention to whether the recipient has yet read the message. This can be done by a special icon displayed to the left of his name in the contact list. If he has already done this, and you also received a notification that a screenshot has been saved, then you will definitely not be able to do anything. If the message has not yet been read, you need to urgently go to the settings, which are opened by swiping from the top of the main screen and the gear in the upper right corner. After that, in the “Other” list, select “Delete chats” and click on the desired contact. There you can also use the “Delete All” function and, accordingly, get rid of all dialogs in the application. Likewise, the entire Snapchat history will disappear.

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