How To Do Superscript in Google Docs


  • Write the base element and the superscript element together.
  • Select the element that will be the superscript.
  • Go to the Format tab.
  • Select Text and click Superscript.

Another way to apply superscript

  • Select the element that will be the superscript.
  • Then press the CTRL with + key

To remove the superscript

  • To remove the superscript, just select the superscript element and press the CTRL with key


Keyboard shortcuts are extremely useful for automating actions without having to use the mouse. Like Word , we can change the text format at will by means of a series of key combinations. Bold, italic, underlined … We leave you with a small list of shortcuts to customize the text format.

  • Bold : Control + B
  • Italic : Control + I
  • Underline : Control + U
  • Strikethrough : Alt + Shift + 5
  • Superscript : Control +.
  • Subscript : Control +,
  • Increase font size : Control + Shift +>
  • Reduce font size : Control + Shift + <

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