How to get invoice from amazon app

We have all made a purchase on Amazon , but if we are self-employed or entrepreneurs, we ask ourselves, can we deduct VAT from these invoices the same as that of invoices from physical stores ? And if we can do it, how do we get the purchase invoice ?
The answer to the first question is yes. We can deduct VAT from our purchases on Amazon under the same conditions as we do with those of any other store.
Steps to follow to download invoices on Amazon
To get our invoice , all we have to do is log into our account. Then go to the order section . The next step will be to select the order for which we are interested in obtaining the invoice from Amazon.

When the order does not appear in the list, it is usually from a period prior to the one we have selected. Amazon gives us the option to choose the period for which the orders appear. This is very useful when we have placed many orders or when we want an invoice from last year , for example.

Once we have located the order we can see that in the upper right part, just below the order number, we find two selectable sections. The first shows us the details of the order . The other tells us the invoice and that it has a down arrow next to it:

  • If we click on this arrow among the options it shows us, there is the one to request an invoice .
  • In other cases, the seller creates them automatically (since they are included in the “Amazon Tax Calculation Service” program). So instead of requesting, we find the invoice option When clicking, the invoice opens in another window From here we can save or print said invoice.

Problems printing the Amazon invoice

It may also happen that we have problems printing it from this section of My account. In this case, we must contact Amazon through the email that we have linked to our account. In this way, they can send it to us by email, regular mail or by fax (in this case we will have to provide a fax number).

When we want to request an invoice for a product that we have bought from an external seller of Amazon Marketplace , or those that mark “managed by Amazon”, we must contact said seller directly, to request the invoice , through the section that appears from “contact with the seller”.

From here we can do a series of procedures with him such as: claim a defect, ask him about the product if he is arriving late or request the invoice, as we have mentioned.

How to save or download an invoice

Options to download an invoice in e-commerce from Amazon.

From Amazon page

  1. As we explained previously, when we click on the invoice tab it opens in a pop-up window.
  2. Here we will have to click in the upper right area of ​​the window on the down arrow that appears.
  3. Now we will proceed to save it on the hard drive with the name we want.

From email

  1. On the contrary, when Amazon or the seller send it to our email we must access it.
  2. Open the email that has been sent to you. In it you will see an attached file.
  3. Proceed to download the aforementioned attachment
  4. Save it on your hard drive or space where you store your invoices.
  5. Now select the file, click the right mouse button and select rename.

Many times the file name is a seller’s record and we may want to rename it to our liking. In this way, we can have them more easily located in the event that we have to claim any defect in the purchased product.

As we can see, requesting and downloading an invoice from Amazon is not a problem. We no longer have an impediment to make our purchases in this online store. In addition to benefiting from the prices you have, we can also benefit from VAT discounts . As we would do with any product that we buy in the physical store of our neighborhood or town.

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