How To Hide System Reserved drive

Hello friends. After updating or installing Windows, you have a partition (disk) called “System Reserved”? It’s okay, now let’s try to solve this problem

I somehow downloaded myself a new build of Windows 7 and installed it on my laptop, not yet myself. After installation, I went to “My Computer” and saw that along with the usual drives C, D, etc., a disc appeared called “Reserved by the system”. I did not want to leave it, especially since the laptop is not mine and there was little they could do with this section, for example, delete files from it. So I had to hide it manually. 

This partition is created during the installation of Windows 7, when we partition the hard drive. The system warns about the creation of this backup partition. But it should be hidden, but for some reason in my case it received a letter, if I’m not mistaken, then also E, and was displayed along with all local drives. 


Let’s now proceed to the steps that will help us remove the “System Reserved” section, it will not disappear anywhere, we simply will not see it. 

Click “Start”, then right-click on “Computer” and select “Control”. 

A window will open in which on the right we click on “Disk Management” , wait a little while the system loads the information, and look for our section in the list, which is called “Reserved by the system” . Right-click on it and select “Change drive letter or drive path …”. 

A window will appear in which we delete our letter by clicking on “Delete”. We answer “Yes” to all questions. 

That’s it, now the “System Reserved” section will not be displayed along with all drives. Good luck!

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