How to Open Aadhar Card pdf file without Password

If you have not received your Aadhar Card, you can download it online. But are you having trouble opening e Aadhar card? Have you forgotten your e Aadhar card password? Then this article is useful for you. In this guide, what is Aadhar card password, and how to open your password protected Aadhar card PDF is explained in detail.

What is E Aadhar Card password? What is the significance of this?

As we had seen how to do Aadhar Card Online Download, in that way if you download your Aadhar card and after opening it, you are asked for password. This password is a standard format that is different for all Aadhar cards. You cannot see the Aadhar card without entering this password.

This E Aadhar password is inserted so that no one can see your Aadhar PDF file and you can keep your Aadhar card information safe. That is why you are requested not to share your Aadhar card password with any unknown person. However, to make your Aadhar card data more secure, you can also lock your Aadhar biometric and Iris data whenever you want.

To open the Aadhar card with password, you only need to remember 1 format. And once you understand this format, you will never be able to forget your e Aadhar password. We will know in detail what this format is.

Method 1: If you have downloaded your Aadhar card after 11 October 2017 date, then use this method. 

First of all, open the password protected Aadhar card PDF file.

Now after the file, you keep in mind that you have to write your name in english capital letters. The new password is now 8 digits long.

Method 2: If you have downloaded your Aadhar card before 11 October 2017 date, then use this method.

Open your password protected Aadhar card PDF file.

After the file is open, you will be asked for Aadhar Card download password.

Now enter the PIN CODE NUMBER for your area. The PIN CODE of the same area is your password by giving the address you have created the Aadhar card.

Keep in mind that the old password is 4 digits.

Are you worried about entering password again and again? So you can remove this problem forever. Yes, you do not need to keep your Aadhar download password in mind now. By reading the guide given below, you will be able to open your PDF Aadhar card file without password very easily.


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