How to remove underline in word

Some netizens are not able to remove the underline under the text when using the word. The following describes the graphic tutorial of deleting the word underline. So let’s learn about it.

Word underline removal:

The red wavy line is the word system thinks there may be a spelling error in the word. When you start typing in Word, it will appear underlined inexplicably, and it is displayed when you look in the font. There is no underline, how to remove these underline? Usually we can delete it with the backspace key, but the underscore may be different.

The underline button in the Word toolbar is the letter “U“. You only need to select the underlined text and click “U“. It’s actually very simple, but you haven’t cleared what it is.

For example, the issue of underscores, or when we quote other people’s articles, there will be horizontal lines.

Ways to remove this stubborn horizontal line:

Mouse frame selection from the last line with text on the horizontal line to the line below the horizontal line;

Format → Border and Shading → Border → Click the mouse at the bottom of the preview area icon (several gray line areas), a black line appears → click this position again, the black line disappears → OK.

In this way, the horizontal line (in fact, the paragraph border) is removed!

How to delete word horizontal lines:

1. Open the word document with horizontal lines

Select the horizontal line or underline that needs to be deleted

Click “U” in the start menu and select None to remove the underscore

2. Second, let’s look at the second method
The same select all need to delete the underscore
Then right click-font and find the underline type in the font window, pull down the menu, select None, and then confirm, you can remove the underline!
3. The third type is for this type of horizontal line, not an underline to be precise, as shown in the figure below
First, we select all, remember to select all the parts with horizontal lines,
Then click the border and shading in the start menu

Border——Settings——None——OK, the horizontal line will be deleted.

How to delete the color wavy line of a word ?

Some colored wavy underlines are Word’s grammar and spell check. If you say underlines like this, then these underlines do not really exist and do not affect the printed result. If you really feel uncomfortable with these underlines, just set it in the options.

There is a red wavy line in WORD. This is because WORD has automatic correction function. You need to execute “Tools-Options” and select “Spelling and Grammar”; or press “F7” to open the spelling and grammar dialog box, and click “Options” to enter Settings, check “Hide grammatical errors in the document, hide spelling errors in the document”

If it is a normal underline, you only need to perform “Format-Font Settings” to remove the underline.

1. First select the underlined word

2. Right-click a dialog box with grammar and ignore, just click ignore, if there are many words with underline, select grammar, click grammar to pop up a dialog box, select ignore all

3. Sometimes when you click the right button, there is no grammar and ignore. You have to try many times. I think that if you choose a word, you can click the right button in the lower right corner of it. 

1. How to remove the green wavy lines in Word documents?

Tools-Options-Spelling and Grammar

Uncheck “Mark grammatical errors when typing” and remove the check mark in front of “Hide grammatical errors” so that the green wavy lines will not be displayed! When entering Chinese and English in Word, some red or green wavy lines sometimes appear. The wavy lines do not affect the text input, nor will they be printed out. So what are they for?

This is the “spelling and grammar check” function of Word. Word will automatically check your document when the user enters words or edits. The red wavy line indicates spelling problems, and the green wavy line indicates grammar problems.

2. How to remove the red wavy lines in Word documents?

1. To close this function, click “Tools”-“Options”-“Spelling and Grammar”, clear the “Check spelling while typing” and “Check grammar while typing” check boxes, and click “OK”.

2. To hide the underline at the marked error, please select the “Hide spelling errors in the document” and “Hide grammatical errors in the document” check boxes.

3. To check or correct spelling and grammar errors, click “Tools”-“Spelling and Grammar” after the document is completed, and the wavy line in the original text will be displayed as a colored font in the dialog box. There is no error, please click “Ignore”. If there is an error, you can change it directly in this interface, and the original text will be changed accordingly. 

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