How to insert image in paint

Almost everyone knows what a paint is. Although the program is surprisingly simple, editing files can be difficult the first time.

This post will show you how to insert a photo into paint (the pictures were taken with Windows 7).

Like other similar ones (there are many of them), in order to paste a photo in paint, you first need to copy it (click on the photo with the left mouse and select Copy in the menu that opens).

Then run Paint and, as shown in the picture just below, click on the paste icon.

After that, your photo will immediately appear in the program (paint) and it will be possible to edit it: crop, add text, reduce, enlarge, or just draw on it.

You can insert a photo into paint in   another way. To do this, run the (paint) program and at the very top (on the panel), on the left, click on the blue small, barely noticeable rectangle. A menu (window) will open. In it, click open.

After that, you will see the contents of your computer (a window will open). Find your photo, select it and click open at the bottom. In this way, you can also insert any images.

That’s all. It’s only hard at the beginning at the first attempt. In the future, how to insert a photo into paint, problems will arise.

After all, this is a matter of a few seconds. The following articles will show you how to edit photos.

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