How to block a group in WhatsApp

If you are wondering how to block a WhatsApp group using an iPhone or Android , I can help you. After leaving the group, you notice that the admins added you back as a member of the group. If you try to exit a few times and warn them that you no longer want to participate, you may have decided to take action. So much so that you started looking for ways to block it online. Luckily you have come here.

In this guide, to help you, I’m going to tell you what you can do when you ask yourself how to block a group on WhatsApp. In particular, I’ll show you how to prevent administrators from adding multiple chats against your will. So if you agree, we’ll start right now.

How to block a group on WhatsApp

Before showing you how to block a group on WhatsApp , I want to point out that at the time of this writing, there was no way to do this on either iOS or Android. So far, only one WhatsApp contact can be blocked, so one conversation. Groups cannot yet be blacklisted. But don’t worry, because there are other ways to fix this problem.

While you may not be able to block the WhatsApp group directly, you can use other solutions to achieve the same result. Below you will find all of them with details. All you have to do is read them and apply the one that best suits your needs.


  1. Talk to administrators
  2. Silence
  3. Blocking Administrators

Talk to administrators

The first thing you can do when asking yourself how to block a WhatsApp group is to talk to the admins. This may sound trivial to you, but talking to one of the group admins with a strong tone and explaining the reasons for not using it, you can get a lot.

Once you tell him why, all you have to do is confirm your willingness to dump him. This person, if I agree, will have no reason to add you again. If so, keep reading.


If after talking with the administrators nothing works out, you will keep thinking about how to block the group on WhatsApp . Well, at this stage, you can try to silence the group before committing the “violent” act . Since you can now also fix conversations at the top (on Android), you can make them virtually invisible. You can hide his notifications, silence him and, at the same time, if you have Android, host the most important chats.

To do this, first open WhatsApp and find the group that bothers you. Then, if your iPhone swipes from right to left, tap Other and then Mute . If you have Android , press and hold the button in the group and select Silent Chat . You will be asked to set the duration of the silent mode. You can choose between 8 hours , 1 week or 1 year.

While you are choosing a duration, only on Android you will also see the Show notifications option. Turn it off before clicking OK . On iOS , on the other hand, turning off alerts will automatically turn them off.

Thus, you will no longer wonder how to block a group in WhatsApp. You will no longer receive notifications from this multiple chat. You will also not hear the sound of incoming messages. Besides, no one will notice.

Blocking Administrators

If you still have problems and are still wondering how to block a group on WhatsApp , you still have a solution. You can block administrators . No other member can add you. The power to add people essentially rests with the administrator. The only drawback is that you will no longer be able to talk to the contacts who manage the group in individual chats.

All you have to do is find the group admins and then block them on WhatsApp. To see who is in charge of the group, enter the chat, tap the name above and view the list of members. Among them, you will see some with the words ” group administrator” next to their name. Now, write all these people down.

You are now blocking one person at a time. Go to the Contacts list , find the first topic and tap it as if you wanted to write to him. Then, if you have Android , press the Menu button , select Other and then Lock . On iOS , tap the name (top), scroll down and select Block contact . Therefore, repeat the steps to block all other administrators, if any.

Thus, you will no longer be interested in how to block a WhatsApp group. No one else can ever add anything new to you. This is, unless another administrator has been assigned.

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