How to format pen drive using cmd

When performing a data format, the information will be completely eliminated, but with the use of CMD you have the option of achieving or at least attempting to repair a USB, to do this, the following steps are followed:

  1. You must type “cmd” in the search box.
  2. The Command Prompt window can also be opened by pressing the Windows + R keys
  3. Write the words “cmd” again.
  4. Click the right mouse button and select the option “Run as administrator”
  5. A black MS-DOS window appears.
  6. The console is accessed from the Windows start button.
  7. Re-enter the letters ‘chkdsk / x / f D:’ , this should be written without the quotes.
  8. You must change the D which is the one that corresponds to the USB drive F :, G: or the one that appears on the computer
  9. Proceed to press ENTER.
  10. The CMD console begins to scan the USB memory for possible errors.
  11. At the end it tries to repair the errors.

If you want to format the device to repair a USB then do the following steps

  1. You must type “cmd” in the search box.
  2. You can also open the Command Prompt window by pressing Windows + R keys.
  3. Click the right mouse button and select the option to “Run as administrator.”
  4. A black MS-DOS window appears.
  5. In the command prompt window, type  diskpart.
  6. We proceed to select “Enter”.
  7. Write  list disk.
  8. Enter is pressed .
  9. According to the information on the disk, we proceed to verify which disk is your USB flash drive.
  10. Write ” select disk 2 ” and then press “Enter”
  11. According to the analysis we proceed to write  clean
  12. Wait a while to erase the disc.
  13. It is written  create partition primary  and proceeds press Enter.
  14. You have a specific partition creation successfully
  15. It is written format fs = ntfs and press Enter
  16. It gives the possibility of obtaining different file formats and you can change the ntfs command to the desired one such as fat32, exfat, among others

Advantages of using CMD

By using CMD you get some advantages and benefits:

  • It is an effective and useful procedure
  • There are cases where only the Diskpart command prompt can be used to format a flash drive, repair a USB, or a hard drive
  • When the general formatting is not completed with the CDM, security is obtained in its analysis and in its formatting

Repair a corrupted unrecognized USB

To repair a damaged USB that is not recognized on the computer can be a bit complex, either using a Pendrive or a hard drive. Below is a video where it is explained in an easy, simple and simple way so that it can be solved without the need to be someone with experience in this subject, it is applicable both in Windows operating systems and in Linux and Mac.

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