How to remove footer in word

Hello! today there will be a small useful article for all those who work with Word and are faced with the problem of removing the footer from the last page of the document.

Let me tell you about one of the cases. Let’s say you draw up some kind of agreement for the Client and want the parties to sign not only on the last page of the agreement, but also on each previous page, so that nothing unnecessary could then be crammed into the agreement under the guise of “it was“.

At the same time, your first page is not “Working” – it is the title page, on which something like the following is displayed in beautiful golden letters: “Agreement on the provision of services between the Romashka Company and the Three Lumberjacks company. Accordingly, sign on such a page. the parties have no reason either.

And so you, first, as usual, click on the footer field and leave dashes for the signatures of the parties (this is the easiest way). But since headers and footers are applied to the entire document, then at the output you get a document where absolutely on every page (both the first and the last) there is such a footer.

Well, okay, if you can still remove the header and footer from the first page programmatically – you just need to poke in the place of the header, and in the options check the box next to “Special header for the first page“…

then this option will not work with the last page, because there is simply no such option in Woed.

Pancake! – you think. What to do?!

How to remove the footer from the last page of a WORD document

Thinking needs to be done, that’s what! And, preferably his own, without calling for help from a fellow administrator. After all, administrators do not like fear when they are distracted from online games by working on trifles.

Another option “Page Break” will help us here.

1. Just place your mouse cursor after the last word of the penultimate page.

2. Go to the page layout tab: page setup – breaks button – next page (section breaks).

In most cases, this will be enough to have the next page without a footer.  

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