Pendrive not showing files

A USB flash drive is a storage device that is most often in contact with various computers and laptops. There is a high probability that in this way the flash drive can be infected with viruses, because not every computer is equipped with antivirus , and even it does not provide 100% protection.

Files from the flash drive are missing

Do you have a problem – you can’t see files on the flash drive? Do not despair, we will solve the problem together. Here are the first things to look out for:

  • Files are missing, but they are taking up spaceYour data is on the USB stick and has not been deleted. However, the files have been modified and the attributes changed. I will describe what to do below.
  • Files are missing, the flash drive is empty . That is, if you look at the volume in the properties, you can see how much space is occupied. System files can occupy up to 100 MB, so sometimes you shouldn’t pay attention to them, it may not be your data and the flash drive is absolutely clean. In this case, only information recovery will help , read the step-by-step instructions and recover your deleted files.

And so, if the flash drive is busy, but the files are not visible, then you have picked up viruses. Do not immediately scan a USB flash drive for viruses, in order to avoid deleting modified files. First, we need to get your data back.

We return files through Total Commander

  1. Open the Total Commander program , select our USB flash drive and see the files with an exclamation mark
  2. We mark all files by pressing the CTRL + A key combination on the keyboard , if everything is done correctly, the files should change to red.
  3. Select in the upper tab Files  Change Attributes …
  1. In the window that appears, check the box “ Process directory contents ”. That is, the attributes will change not only for those files and folders that you marked, but also those that are nested in the folders.
  2. In “ Change Attributes ”, uncheck all four boxes (Archived, Read-Only, Hidden, System) as shown in the screenshot. Press OK to confirm the operation.

There is another way to get files back using Windows – showing hidden files and folders. It helps if file attributes were changed to hidden after a virus attack. After that, all your files will be visible to you, but as hidden ones, in order to make them normal, you need to uncheck the “ Hidden  value in the properties of these files and pops.

Removing viruses from a USB flash drive

Now, after we have returned all your data, you can get rid of the viruses. If you have antivirus installed, you can open This computer, right-click on your flash drive and select virus scan.

For those who do not have anti-virus protection, you can remove viruses with the Dr.Web CureIt utility. The article contains step-by-step instructions and a link to the official download site.

Now you know what to do if files are not visible on the flash drive. The same procedure can be used if the files on the hard disk are not visible.

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