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Nobody wants to miss something important, which is why the correct operation of the notification system for the programs installed on the phone is so important. But it happens that WhatsApp notifications do not come, although all other instant messengers work and remind of themselves in normal mode. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the possible causes of problems and how to solve them.

Phone settings

The most likely reason why notifications are not received in WhatsApp is the features of the settings of the phone itself. First, you should check if the alerts are not disabled at all:

  • Android. Menu → Settings → Notifications → find WhatsApp in the list → drag the slider opposite to the “On” position. 
  • iPhone. Settings → Notifications → find WhatsApp in the list → Allow notifications → drag the slider to “On”.

If everything is fine here, or you fixed everything but still no Whatsapp notifications, skip to the instructions in the next sections of the article.

Power saving mode

Quite often, when the power saver mode is activated, some applications are disabled in the background. As a result, new messages are not downloaded and notifications about them are not received. If you stop receiving Whatsapp notifications on Android and iPhone, follow the instructions in the table.

Android IPhone
Pull down the shutter of the quick access panel → deactivate “Energy saving” . Pull up the shutter of the quick access panel → deactivate “Power saving mode” . *
Menu → Settings → Optimization → Battery. Here you need to see if the maximum saving mode is enabled and if so, disable it or rearrange it to the minimum. Settings → Battery → deactivate “Power saving mode”.

* If the icon for this option is added to the panel

Android users pay attention! On Android, WhatsApp notifications do not come sometimes due to sleep mode. Here’s how you can turn it off. Menu → Settings → Optimization → Battery → Sleep mode. See if this messenger is here. If there is, uncheck the box next to it.  

Time and time zone

In some cases, incorrectly set date, time and time zone can lead to the absence of notifications about new incoming messages. To check the relevance of the data, just look at the screen, and you can make changes here:

  • If you do not receive alerts on Android. Menu → Settings → General settings → Date and time → disable “Auto time detection” → turn on “Auto time detection”. *  
  • If Whatsapp notifications are not received on iPhone . Settings → General → Date and time → disable “Automatic” → enable “Automatic”. *

* It is necessary that the system queries the network for up-to-date dates.

Whatsapp settings

Inside this application, there is a special section where alert settings are made – sounds, vibration, pop-up notifications and lights. In addition to the options for melodies, colors and vibration length, there are also items “Silent”, “Off” (for vibration), “No pop-up windows”, “No light” – if the marks are on them, then incoming messages and calls can be missed due to the lack of any indication.

Where to check the settings if WhatsApp does not show notifications for Android and iPhone:

  • IPhone. Application main screen → Settings → Notifications.
  • Android. Application main screen → Menu → Settings → Notifications.

You should also check if the data saving option is enabled. To do this, go to Whatsapp settings and open the “Data and storage” section. At the very bottom you will see the line “Data saving”. Try disabling this option and check if the alerts are now coming.  

Note! notification settings can also be made for each contact separately. If you do not receive incoming notifications from a particular person, go to his profile and see if the “Silent” item is activated, and also check which options are activated in the “Individual notifications” section.

Features Xiaomi and Meizu

Operating systems Xiaomi and Meizu are “sharpened” for a fairly tough saving of battery power – smartphones of these brands are positioned as capable of working for a long time without recharging. But, speaking in the language of the IT world, here the feature turns into a bug – the battery is saved by blocking the work of many applications in the background. That is, as soon as you close the messenger, it immediately goes into sleep mode – the exchange of data with the servers stops.

To get rid of the problem, you need to set an individual permission for this program to work in the background. What to do if Whatsapp does not show notifications (they do not arrive) about a message:

  • Xiaomi . Settings → Battery and performance → Application list → Select Whatsapp → No limit.
  • Meizu. Settings → Applications → Installed → Whatsapp → Launch in background → Allow background work.

Please note: the names of buttons and sections given in the instructions for Xiaomi and Meizu may differ from those that are relevant for your device of the corresponding brand. This is due to a possible difference in operating system versions.

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