How many columns in excel?

Excel spreadsheet there are 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns in it.

View method:

1. First select the excel table cell  in any row 4102 grid.

, then click button on the plate of 1653“Ctrl+shift+down arrow” key combination.

3. You can quickly jump to the bottom row of the table, and you can see that the sequence number is displayed as “1048576”.

4. Then click to select any column in the cell column.

5. Press the “Ctrl+shift+right arrow” combination key on the keyboard again.

6. You can quickly switch to the far right side of the excel table, and you can see that the display is “XFD”, which can be converted to the number “16384” according to the position settings of the letters and numbers.

Excel sheet one2113work table rows and a total of 10485765261256 columns.

Excel table rows numbered from 1 to 1,048,576, column the serial number uses letters A, B, C, D, E, F…1653IV said.

The row is on the left of the Excel table, as shown in the figure:

The column is located above the Excel table, as shown in the figure below:

Extended information:

Excel mainly has the following 4 functions in the office field:

1. Data entry and summary (frequently contacted by warehouse managers, salesmen etc 

2. Chart production (leadership report is very useful);

3. Specific functions (basic functions such as summation, date functions, etc.);

4. Basic operation of conditional format.

In addition to these basic functions, Excel also has graphics, system development, etc. Excel can be used to make spreadsheets, complete many complex data operations, analyze and predict data, and have powerful chart-making functions; the new version of Excel 2000 can also be used to make web pages.

Because Excel has a very friendly man-machine interface and powerful calculation functions, it has become a powerful assistant for the vast number of users at home and abroad to manage companies and personal financial, statistical data, and draw various professional tables.

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