How many ways you can save a document

We need to specify the disk, folder, file type and file name of the document when saving the document. There are many ways to save the document. Today I will share with you.


First: There are generally three ways to save documents: save, save as, and auto save.

Second: save the unnamed document: the system generally defaults to a file name, such as file 1, file 2, etc., we can also name the file and save it.

Third: Save the edited document: After opening the previously saved document for modification, you can directly click the save button in the toolbar to save it directly.

Fourth: Auto-save: Word documents provide an auto-save function, that is, the system automatically saves the document after a period of time, which can reduce the loss caused by the user’s failure to save in time due to computer failure.

Fifth: The shortcut is to keep; the user can directly save the file through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S.

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