How to add audio track in vlc

What to do if you downloaded a video, and when you try to switch the audio track, you see only the following picture:

At the same time, there is a soundtrack for the film.

Let’s consider the order of actions.

1. Open the program VLC media player and select the menu Media item Open file with parameters:

2. In the window that appears, click Add:
3. Select a movie (not an audio track!) And click Open:
4. In the window, check the Show additional parameters box:
5. Then put a tick in the Play another media file (audio) in parallel .. :

6. … and select Review:
7. In the new window, select the Add button again:
8. … and now we select the audio track file:
9. After the performed operations, it remains only to click the Play button:
10. Now you have a choice:

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