How to add location in google map for public

Google announced the launch of a new feature in Google Maps that will allow users to share their location or route with friends in real time. The transmission of this information can be limited to a certain time period – 15, 30, 45 minutes, and so on – or enabled with selected contacts on an ongoing basis. 

For example, if an employee is 20 minutes late for a meeting, then he can share with a colleague the exact location to make it clear how long to wait for him. The colleague will be able to see the movement of the late in real time. And after the expiration date set by the user, access to the information will be closed.

You can share the location in the corresponding menu item in Google Maps. The user will be prompted to choose who to give access from the Google contact list or send a direct link in the messenger. Then it will be necessary to set the period for which access to geodata is provided. The recipient will see the user on their card, and the sharer will have a corresponding icon. By clicking on it, he will be able to cancel the data transfer.

The same can be done from navigation. In it, you can share the route along which the user is moving, and access to the data will be lost upon arrival at the place.

If the user chooses to share geolocation data with a trusted contact on an ongoing basis, then Google will send a notification every two to three weeks so that the person does not forget about the function. So the company wants to keep users informed and additionally secure them. However, there is a risk that whoever receives the link with access to the location data could make it publicly available. Then the person’s geodata will become public knowledge. When asked Google noted that providing exact location is a delicate topic, but “it’s about making things easier, more accessible to people with transparency.”

We will remind, recently Google presented a version for developers of the new Android O. Applications in it will consume less battery power in the background. Developers will also be able to share notifications across “channels”, giving users more control over them.

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