How to boot hp laptop from usb

  1. The steps to set up the USB flash drive are as follows:
    Power on, when the HP icon appears on the screen, press the F10 button to enter the BIOS interface, select System Configuration, sub-option Boot Options, sub-option Boot Order, and then use F5/F6/mouse key to set the USB hard drive (USB diskette on key/USB hard drive) to the first position.
  2. HP tools make U disk boot disk.
    HP tool search: search in the BIOS of the corresponding model, extract the authoring tool after decompression.
    The production process is as follows:
    1. Plug in the USB flash drive.
    2. Open the FirmwareUpdate.exe program, select Bootable USB key, the program will automatically identify the U disk and DOS system file information.
    3. Click the Start button, this process will prompt formatting.
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