How to Cancel Amazon Order

Many people sometimes buy something on Amazon and don’t want it for some reason, or want to take another photo, but don’t know how to cancel the order. What are the steps for Amazon order cancellation? This article will answer the question of canceling orders to sellers and buyers.

Which orders can be cancelled?

First log in to the backend of your Amazon account and check the status of each order in “My Orders”. The orders that can be cancelled include the part or the entire product order in the two states of “not yet shipped” or “coming soon”.

Why is there no “cancelled order” status in the Amazon backend?

This is because the status of this order is “issued from the warehouse”, that is, the status of “shipped”, the buyer cannot cancel the product through the system. But the buyer can choose to reject the goods when they arrive. After the rejected goods are returned to the warehouse, the seller will arrange a refund for the buyer.

Why is the product cancelled and still delivered to the buyer?

 This is because the system takes a certain amount of time to respond. Generally, there are very few cases where the buyer may not successfully cancel the product even though the buyer has already selected “Cancel the product”. In this case, the buyer needs to reject the goods directly when they are delivered. After the rejected goods are put into the warehouse, the buyer will be refunded.

To cancel the order, click each button step by step.

Cancel the product-check the canceled product-select the reason for cancellation-click the confirmation button-view the cancelled order.

Note: If the seller has successfully cancelled the goods in the order, you will see “Cancelled Goods” and “Remaining Goods” on the “Order Information” page. Buyers can view related cancellation information on the “Cancelled Orders” page.

Refund issue:

If you choose to cancel part of the goods in the order, the refund of the cancelled goods will be refunded after the remaining uncancelled goods are shipped

If all the items in the entire order are cancelled, refunds will be processed as long as the order is successfully cancelled. Buyers just have to wait patiently.

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