How to change bluetooth name in windows 10

Currently, many Bluetooth devices are installed on the computer. On computers using Windows 10, there are more from mice to headphones than usual. If you want to organize them in the best way, then one option for them is to change their names.

If this connection interface in the computer (desktop or laptop) uses many peripheral devices, sometimes it may not be quick to use when viewing the available list. For this reason, and it is not the name provided by the manufacturer used in Windows 10, the possibility of changing the name is included. And, by the way, this will not cause any problems, because the communication between the Bluetooth device and the computer is done using a unique internal address (called MAC), which will not change when we modify the content of our instructions.

Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 in May 2019 with some news

Steps to change Bluetooth device name in Windows 10

Fortunately, this is achieved in a fairly simple way without having to resort to third-party software, which is usually an unwelcome problem for users. To continue, the first thing to do is to activate the Bluetooth connection in the computer (implemented in the control center), and then the peripheral device whose name you want to change must be connected.

Now, you must do the following in the control panel of the Microsoft operating system:

Visit the section called “Hardware and Devices” and click “View Devices and Printers”

Select the peripheral device whose name you want to change, and click the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, you must select “Properties”

–Now, you have to look for the tab called Bluetooth, in it, you will see that it has the name of the device by default. Add the new option you want to recognize in the box.

–The following is to click the “Apply” button in the lower area.

–After completion, you will be done, you can disconnect the wireless connection and related equipment. When you use it again, you will have a new name.

As you can see, it is easiest to reorganize the names of Bluetooth peripherals in the Windows 10 operating system, and luckily, you can do this for everything you have and as many times as you see fit. Another example of the large number of personalization possibilities Microsoft offers.

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