How to change date of birth in facebook

Sometimes users of the social network Facebook provide false information about themselves, including their age. This is due to many reasons, for example, people under the age of 13 cannot register on the site. In some cases, when filling in personal information in your account, errors may be made. To understand how to change the date of birth on Facebook, you need to decide on which device this manipulation will be carried out, and ow where the necessary options are located.

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Facebook Birthday Date Editing

Before changing the year of birth, please note that if you previously indicated the age of more than 18 years, then you may not be able to change it to a lower one.

You can customize your date of birth information a limited number of times. If you have recently changed your age, you will need to wait a few days before adjusting the date again, otherwise Facebook will limit this option to at least a few days, so it is not recommended to abuse this feature.

There are 2 ways to change the date of birth on this social network: through an application for gadgets on Android or iPhone, or on a Facebook page open on a personal computer or laptop.

Using a smartphone

To change your age using your phone, you must:
make sure that the device has Internet access;

open the Facebook application on your mobile device (the application can be downloaded from the App Store if you have an iOS operating system, or from Google Play if you have Android installed);
log in, that is, enter your password and login (if you forgot your password, you can restore it using your phone number or email, using the “Forgot your password?” button);
open the menu by clicking on the button with the image of three white stripes located in the upper right corner;
open your profile page by clicking on your name displayed in the upper right corner;
click on the “Information” button, which is located under the profile, then find the “General information” section and click on the button opposite the “Edit” item; the section “Change the date” will open, where you can change the day, month and year of your birth by clicking on each item;
save settings.

Using a PC

To change information using a personal computer, you must do the following:
make sure your computer can access the internet;
open a browser such as Google Chrome;
enter the request “Facebook” in the search box and go to the site by clicking on the link in the search results;
log in, that is, enter your password and login;
in the news feed, find your name in the upper left corner;
open the “Information” section next to your name, select the “Contact and basic information” item, which is located in the menu on the left;
scroll down the page to the items “Date of birth” or “Year of birth”, the “Edit” button will be located to the right of your age information;
correct data by clicking on each item;
save settings.

You can limit the number of users who can see your date of birth by using the “Audience Selector” feature in the settings. Internet users visiting your page can be divided into 2 categories: for one only the year of your birth will be displayed, for the second – the day, month and year. Friends will not receive a notification about the upcoming birthday unless you include them in the second category, that is, do not allow them to see the day and month.

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