How to change video background

Some users may think that my editing technology is not very good, and I am afraid that I will not use desktop software, then this software is very suitable for you. Bee Clip is a very simple operation. It only takes a few steps to cut out a video that meets your wishes. The software is rich in functions, supporting functions such as cutting videos, merging videos, video watermarking, and adjusting video speedAnd how video background map plus the two methods; 

1. Existing video background image

  • Prepare the video background image, click Import, and put the background image and video into the software.


  • Drag the background image to the first video track, drag the video to the second picture-in-picture track, and drag the background image to the same duration as the video.
  • Double-click the video screen to adjust the position and size.

  • If you want to add another video, put the second video on the third picture-in-picture track. The method of adjusting the picture is similar.

  • This can solve the problem of how to change the video background. Click “Export” on the toolbar to save the video locally. 

2. No video background image

If you have not prepared a background image in advance, the software provides three background styles for you to choose.

  • Open the software, select the editing ratio, and import the video.
  • Put the video on the first video track. If the video ratio is wrong, black bars will be displayed. At this time, you can double-click the video on the track and pull down in the editing interface. Finally, you can adjust the color of the video, select black , White or fuzzy.
  • If the video ratio is correct, the color will not change after adjusting the color. At this time, just select the material on the video track, click Delete, and then drag the material to the second picture-in-picture track again. Can display the video background.  

  • Finally, click “Export” to save the video.

The above is the specific method of how to change the video background on the desktop, and then I will introduce how to do it on the mobile phone.

A simple and fast video editing app-InShot

InShot is a popular mobile editing app at home and abroad . Its functions are simple and easy to use. It has a large amount of built-in materials, and there are many cute video stickers to add. In addition, it also supports adding a background image to the video. Here are the steps for how to change the background of the mobile phone video.

  • After installation, open the software, click Video> New, and select the video import software.
  • Slide the toolbar and select “Background”, where you can choose your own background color, or click the picture button to upload your background picture, and click “✔” to confirm.
  • Finally, click the export button in the upper right corner and select “Save” to complete.

The above is all the steps of how to add a background image to the video . Both methods are very simple and do not require any editing basis. If the video time is longer, it is recommended to use the desktop version. After all, the large screen is better to operate, and it is not suitable Be late, give it a try! 

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