How to check laptop model hp

On the back of the host, where cn begins, it’s really impossible to write down cn and the number behind and check it on the HP official website.

How to see the model of HP laptop?

You can see that there is no serial number on the model label of your laptop~S/N XXXXXXXXXX, and then enter the automatic search on the HP website~

How to see the HP laptop host model?

The location and method of inquiries for HP notebook models may vary according to the specific series (not every model has a label on the back). The serial number and product number of the machine can be found in the following ways.

1. Warranty Card

There are detailed serial number and product model information on the notebook warranty card, as shown below:

2. Body label

You can also view the serial number and product model information on the bottom label of the machine. Some new models do not have a label on the bottom. You can find the serial number label in the battery compartment after removing the battery. As shown below:

The bottom of the machine (Serial: the serial number behind, Product: the product model number)

How can you find the HP laptop model of 2010 now?

You first go to HP’s official website, and then click on the big characters “Support and Drivers”, then click on “Driver and Software Download”, then you will see two “Start Detection” Click the “Start Detection” of the “Automatically Detect Product Model” at the back, the webpage will prompt you to install the automatic detection program. After installation, you can detect your HP laptop model. The result is your laptop model! Absolutely accurate.

How do you see the HP chassis model?

There is no chassis model but only the host model. HP’s chassis is not sold separately, so there is no chassis model. Even if it has an internal model, no one knows it. HP’s chassis is matched with his brand machine. More difficult to buy alone

How to check the model of HP laptop?

The serial number S/N (Serial), the product number P/N (Product) can generally be found on the label on the back of the machine (or in the laptop battery compartment) or on the warranty card, and the P/N (Product) number is generally represented in the form of #AB2 of. S/N (Serial) is a combination of 10-digit letters and numbers.

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