How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To a Computer or Laptop

Your favorite smartphone headset can also be connected to a laptop or desktop computer. Relevant for conferences and just work from home.

Today, bluetooth headsets have practically supplanted wired models. But they can not only listen to music on the way to work and back, but also communicate via Skype, Zoom and other similar services from a laptop or PC. 

To connect the headphones to your computer via Bluetooth, put them in pairing mode. It is not difficult to do this: usually it is enough to press and hold one of the buttons. For more detailed instructions, see the documentation for the device. 

Older headsets may have earlier versions of Bluetooth, newer ones have version 5.0. It doesn’t matter much if you are sitting next to a computer. Unless in the next room, early versions don’t always provide a reliable connection.

How to connect headphones to a laptop

It’s pretty simple. As a rule, laptops already have a wireless module. It remains to be sure that it is enabled. This can be done in several ways. 

A universal way. Find in the top row the key responsible for the wireless modules. Usually it shows a kind of antenna. Combined with the Fn key, it should turn Wifi and Bluetooth on and off. 

Method for Windows 10. Go to the “Start” menu, click on the gear icon in the left column. Then follow the path “Devices” – “Bluetooth and other devices”. You will see a slider responsible for enabling the “bluetooth” connection – move it to the right. 

How to connect a headset to a computer

Stationary PCs lack a built-in module: you will have to buy it separately. Fortunately, it is not that expensive. For example, here is a great model with a bunch of positive reviews:

Please note that this is an external adapter that plugs into a USB port. There are also internal modules that plug directly into the motherboard in the PCI slot. Such devices, as a rule, have great functionality, but they have a significant disadvantage – the inconvenience of use. The USB module can be inserted into a USB extension cable, which can be carried out even in the middle of the room. Thus, the signal will reach even to the farthest room. Doing the same thing with a PCI slot is much more difficult and costly.

Connection process

Regardless of whether you have a built-in module or a discrete one, ideally you need to install drivers from the headset manufacturer. This is a guarantee that the device will work correctly. But you can also rely on the generic driver library that Windows has. 

Follow these steps to configure:

Right click on the menu menu  in the lower left corner of your desktop and select Settings.

We are interested in the Devices category

Activate the Bluetooth slider  if you have not done so before.

And click Add Bluetooth or other device.

Select the desired connection type and confirm the connection by clicking on the desired gadget in the list of found devices.

If everything went well, it will say ” Paired ” under the connected device Be sure to select a bluetooth headset as your default audio output device. Or just change the audio source depending on the situation, as in the screenshot above. If the computer cannot find the device, check the system services. Bluetooth Driver Manager must be enabled.

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