How to connect computer to wifi without cable?

Many of us have a Wi-Fi router at home, to which various devices are connected: laptops, smartphones, TVs, etc. And this connection is wireless – just turn on Wi-Fi on the receiving device, select a network and enter a password, and then – only for the first time, then the connection will occur automatically

But personal computers are usually connected to a Wi-Fi router directly using a patch cord (patch cable). This is done for several reasons: 

1. The wired connection is better in speed. 

2. The vast majority of personal computers do not have a Wi-Fi adapter. 

Yes, there are Wi-Fi adapters in smartphones, tablets, modern TVs and many other devices, but they are not installed on personal computers, since it is assumed that a PC is not a mobile device, and if you need the Internet, then you should lay a cable. 

So how do you connect a regular personal computer to Wi-Fi wirelessly? 

It’s simple enough, but you have to spend a little money for this. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi adapter, you can buy one. It can be external (looks like a USB stick or USB stick with an antenna) or internal (a board with an antenna). 

Such pleasure costs from 250 to 6500 rubles. Expensive to buy is not at all necessary. For personal use, a device for 300-600 rubles is quite suitable. But before buying, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics (power, speed, interface, standard).

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