How to deactivate whatsapp

Answer 1 :

WhatsApp only allows one login per account in the world. Therefore, if you log in to WhatsApp from another device, it will immediately deactivate your WhatsApp account from the first device. Well, this is the fastest way to deactivate a WhatsApp account from the device.

If you have a SIM card with a registered mobile number, this will work quickly. Otherwise, please ask any SIM card supplier for a new SIM card. They will verify your details and provide you with a new SIM card with the same mobile number. This SIM card takes some time to activate.

However, if your phone is locked and no one knows the password, you can do this process patiently.

What if your phone is unlocked and anyone can access WhatsApp?

You can send an email to the WhatsApp support team and ask them to deactivate your WhatsApp.


For the format of the email and more frequently asked questions, please refer to the link below

Answer :

There are many ways to do this

  1. Use Android’s “Find My Phone” feature to remotely lock your device. This method works only when the phone remains connected to the Internet.
  2. You can install WhatsApp on other devices and delete your account, but the SIM card should still be carried with you during the verification process

Finally, you can block the SIM card, get a new SIM card with the same number, install WhatsApp on other devices, and then deactivate it.

For more details, please check

WhatsApp FAQ

Answer :

Simply log in to your WhatsApp account in your new phone, and your old WhatsApp application will log out by itself and erase the entire phone through the Google My Account Security Settings (if it is android).

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