How to delete a group in WhatsApp?

At any time you can delete a group in WhatsApp. But this can be done in different ways: you can delete it only for yourself, in this case the other participants will continue to communicate or completely, then you first need to delete all participants, and only then the group chat itself. Find out how to do this on different operating systems from our instructions.

How to delete a group in WhatsApp on Android

If you want to completely delete the group so that no one else can communicate in it, then delete all members of the group, if you want to leave your group to friends and leave, skip the third paragraph of this instruction:

 1. Go to the group
 2. Click on the name of the group to change its parameters

3. Select any member of the group, just not yourself, in the menu that opens, click RemoveRepeat the operation with all contacts. (if you want to leave the group to friends, and you yourself want to leave it, skip this point)

4. Leave the group, to do this, at the very bottom of the settings, click on the “Exit group” button or in the Chats section, press and hold for a few seconds on a group chat, and then in the menu that opens, select “Exit group”.

5. Only after you have left the group, you can delete it. To do this, at the very bottom in the group settings, click on the “Delete group” button.

How to delete a group in WhatsApp on iOS

 1. Open the group chat you want to delete

 2. Click on the group header
3. Select any contact, in the menu that opens, click Delete. Do the same for all participants.
4. At the very bottom of the options, click on Exit group.
5. Only after that will the inscription Delete group appear, by clicking on which you will send the group chat to the archive.

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