How to Delete Read Only Contacts

At present we usually fill our mobile with a large number of contacts that we accumulate over time and that we do not delete later. If we use the mobile in a personal and professional way at the same time it is possible that our contact list has too many people that we do not want to keep.

These contacts can be stored in various ways and not only in the SIM, as it is also possible to store it in the memory of the mobile, in Google accounts, in a cloud, among others. On some occasion it may happen that when trying to delete any of our contacts an error message appears and its deletion is not possibleThis can be quite frustrating so we are going to give you some tips on how to fix it.

Read-only contacts

The Android Contacts application is in charge of managing and administering all the agendas that are shared on the mobile in one place. In this way, if we have a contact saved in the SIM and we have the WhatsApp or Telegram application installed, it will recognize that we have that contact and create its own agenda. In this way to avoid duplicate agendas, in the Android Contacts application they appear all linked together.

Unlink Contacts

If we want to delete a contact from our calendar and a message appears that it is not possible, it is because this contact exists in several agendas and is linked to each other. To solve this we must enter our “contacts” agenda and select the contact we want to delete. Once selected we must click on the three vertical points in the upper right part of the screen. Once pressed, a menu will open where we must click on “see linked contacts” . Once pressed we must click on “Unlink”. Once unlinked we should be able to delete it without problems. To do this, click on the contact, open the menu of the three points and select “Delete”.


Factory restore

Another option to delete them, although it is a more drastic way by restoring the equipment to factory settingsIn this way, all the contacts linked to each other will disappear when the internal memory of the device is erased. Therefore, before carrying out this operation, you need to make sure that you have saved the contacts that interest you on your SIM cardOnce we restore the factory equipment, before installing applications, we must access the SIM contacts and erase the contacts that do not interest us one by one.

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