How to enable wifi in windows 7

1. Click on 5261“Start menu” and select the “control panel”board 41024102.

2. Select “Network and Internet” option.

, the select “Network and Sharing Center” button.

4. In the “Network and Sharing Center” under the screen, select “Manage wireless networks” option.

5. If you have already created a wireless network connection, you can Options: “Add” (new connection) or “Delete” (existing connection), “Move up” or “Move down” (increase or decrease priority), “Adapter properties” (set IP address and other parameters) and “Configuration File type” (whether other accounts share the connection).

1. Right-click on “Network” on the desktop, select “Properties”, and open “Network Sharing Center”;

2. Click “Change adapter settings” in “Network Sharing Center”;

3. Right-click the “WLAN” wireless connection and select “Disable” or “Enable” to enable and disable the wireless network.
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