How to hide birthday in facebook

Many users of social networks do not want our birthday to be published on Facebook, and not so much to hide our age as to prevent many other people from feeling committed to congratulating us or to safeguard our privacy. In this tutorial you will learn how to prevent Facebook from notifying your contacts that it is your birthday.

I have seen it often and it happened to me, this morning it happened again, a friend comments that he does not want Facebook to send a notification to all his contacts on his birthday. And it is your right, because, in addition, it is a matter of privacy.

However, Facebook does not allow you to adjust this in the privacy area, as logically it should be, but in the personal information area. As some ask me how I did it I decided to take a few minutes to create this little.

How to hide birthday on facebook

We are going to configure our profile in this way so that our contacts do not receive notifications of our birthday again:

  1.  Go to our Profile> Information> Basic and contact information . In mine it appears something like this, look at the area Date of birth, when you pass the pointer you can edit something.

  2.  Click on Edit and there a drop-down will open where you can select who can see this (figure 2) and, more importantly, who will receive notifications every year when it is your birthday.

And that’s it! your contacts will no longer receive these notifications. Quick and easy right?

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