How to hide birthday on facebook?

When Facebook was first launched, its creators tried to create the most convenient conditions for users to find their friends and acquaintances. Over time, the policy of the management of the social network has changed somewhat, and more and more attention has been paid to the privacy and security of personal data of users.

Facebook users have the ability to restrict the access of social network participants to published personal information. For example, many account owners prefer to hide their date of birth from random visitors to the page. If you also want to do this, carefully read the instructions below.

Hide personal information

The desire to hide age visits people quite often, and everyone has their own reasons. Someone thinks that real friends always remember the date of birth, someone is worried about the security of personal data, and someone simply does not want to “shine” their real age. Regardless of the reason, there is only one way to remove age, and it consists in changing the privacy settings.

It should be noted that some time ago a separate function “Hide age” was available to Facebook users, but today you will not be able to find it on the pages of the social network. But now you have the opportunity to choose the format for displaying the date of birth, as well as the audience to which this important information will be visible.

So, in order to hide information about the date of your birth, you must perform the following steps:

1. Log in to your Facebook account, specifying your username and password.

2. Go to your profile page.

3. In the profile header, click on “Update information”.

4. Go to the “General information” tab, move the mouse cursor to your date of birth and click on the pop-up link “Edit contact and basic information”.

5. Choose the audience that will have access to your birthday information.

6. Click “Save Changes”.

Facebook offers several options for hiding data. First, you can separately edit the settings for the day, month and year of birth. Secondly, you can designate the audience that will see the data – everyone, Friends, Friends of Friends, or users you define. In addition, you can remove the date of your birth from the field of view of all visitors to your profile by selecting the “only me” category.

Thus, on Facebook pages, you can, for example, hide from everyone only the year of birth, keeping your age secret, choose the people to whom the data will be available, or completely close this personal information. 

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