How to insert a watermark in PowerPoint

Watermarks are a technique used to protect intellectual property or copyrights in images, logos, texts, audios, in short … on a wide variety of issues and prevent certain characters from plagiarizing or modifying them and claiming to dispose of of them without permission of their true author, of course if you want greater protection you can put a password to your presentation

Watermarks also play an important role in  certifying and validating the originality of the document to be protected , especially in the case of claims for a crime to verify that it has not been falsified, PowerPoint allows you to protect your presentations so that we modify them . You can put a watermark in a visible placenot so large that it obstructs the image and preferably in the corners, protecting the desired interests.

How to insert a watermark in PowerPoint 

In office automation, Power Point is a useful program for projecting presentations  with  images, text, animations or even music and in this way the level of the observer is maintained; In addition, we can place a watermark on them being clear about the type that we want to place.

That is, if it is a text, image or both; defines the shape where it will be inserted; It is generally recommended in a rectangle, for ease of modification, then you choose the item. Now it must be configured at the size or color level; because there must always be a contrast with the background, and especially the percentage of transparency of the imageThe higher the percentage, the more transparent the chosen element will be. 

But if you decide to place both elements, each one is done separately taking into account the same size, color and transparency modifications and once we get what we want, they are grouped into one.

It is taken to the selected slide and placed in a corner or in the center of it; and if you decide later to separate the two elements and place only one, you also have options to do so. 

Finally, the protection of copyright through a watermark is of utmost importance; In this way you can ensure that the document remains with its owner and not with people who, with the intention of plagiarizing, use them and take financial and intellectual advantage of it as if they were theirs.

Its procedure is very simple and easy to place, in addition they cannot be falsified with a scanner or a photocopy.

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