How to lock drive in windows 7?

If the drive on which Windows is installed (the system drive) is encrypted with BitLocker Drive Encryption, it can be locked with BitLocker and will require a recovery key in the following situations:

  • BitLocker detected a possible security risk at startup.
  • BitLocker launcher key or PIN is lost or damaged.
  • The computer does not work (for example, a power problem) and the hard drive has been moved to another computer.

BitLocker recovery key is required to unlock the drive and regain access to files.

BitLocker To Go Removable Drive Encryption Tool

Locking and Unlocking the drive on the primary computer

BitLocker will stop starting the computer and a message appears that the system drive is locked. Find your BitLocker recovery key and follow the instructions on the screen.

Unlocking the drive after transfer

Before removing a drive from a non-working computer, check the computer to which the drive will be connected. The computer must be running Windows 7 and must have BitLocker on it (even if it is not enabled).

1. Turn off both computers.

2. Remove the disc from the non-working computer and install it on the new computer.

3. Start your computer and log in.

4. Open BitLocker Drive Encryption.

5. The transferred disk will appear in the list of disks as locked.

6. Click the Unlock Disk button and follow the instructions.

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